DDL provides consultancy services in OTC derivatives, repo and securities lending documentation.

We have fulfilled wide and varied briefs in the 25 years we have been offering our consultancy service, masterminding completion of whole projects to time and budget or assembling teams of experienced people to do project work under DDL’s management.

Novation exercises

Planning and implementation of novation exercises

Audit of Agreements

Audit of the constituent elements of Agreements

Policy manuals

Composition of documentation negotiation procedures and policy manuals

Review & Analysis of Templates

Review and analysis of templates used for master agreements and confirmations

Around this box are examples of consultancy projects DDL has undertaken. Please click on the relevant box for further details.

Documentation Tracking Systems

Establishing documentation negotiation tracking systems

Documentation credit issue consultancy

Typically covers optimising credit related issues for corporate clients

Formulation of Schedules & Annexes

Formulation of Schedules or Annexes to the main master agreements in the market

Bespoke market surveys

Bespoke market surveys to client specifications

Setting up OTC derivatives documentation units

Planning and setting up OTC derivatives documentation units

More examples

Temporarily running documentation units

Reordering and temporarily running OTC derivatives documentation units

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